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To open a project you have edited recently just select it in the Recent Projects list in the File menu.

Recent Projects


Open the selected project in the current instance of Help+Manual.

Pin icons (on right)

"Pinning" a project entry moves it to the top of the list for easy access.


Open in new instance:
Open the project in a new copy of Help+Manual.

Add to / Remove from pinned projects:
Moves the entry to the top of the list for easy access or removes the entry from the pinned list (same as pin icon).

Remove from list:
Prune the list by removing the current entry completely.

Move Up/Down:
Arrange the list to suit your preferences

Quickly access recent documents:

Shows the select number of recent documents from the top of the list in the File Menu.

1.Use the pin icons to move the projects you want to manage to the top of the list.

2.Activate quick access to enter these projects in the File Menu.


Lists the workspaces you have created so that you can select them.