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Using Version Control Systems

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Active support for VCS is only available in the Professional and Floating license versions of Help+Manual and is only possible with projects saved in uncompressed XML/HMXP. Single-file HMXZ projects are binary and cannot be linked to VCS repositories.


Version control systems enable multiple authors to collaborate on the same project from any location. They do this by linking a local copy of the project on your computer with a central master copy that everyone synchronizes with. This copy can be local or online. In addition to collaboration, version control provides a full backup of every change in your project, allowing you to revert to or recover earlier versions if necessary.

If you save your projects in uncompressed XML (recommended anyway and also required for multi-user editing) you can integrate them directly in your Git, Subversion, or other version control repository.


Offline editing – you don't need a network connection to work on your project

Collaboration on projects from any location

Ongoing backups and revert to earlier versions

Collaborating on projects without version control

If all your users are on the same local network you can collaborate on the same project directly, without version control.  See Multi-User Editing for details.