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Help+Manual allows multiple users to edit the same project at the same time when both are on the same local network with its integrated multi-user editing capabilities. Users in different locations should use version control for collaboration (see further below).

The only restriction in local multi-user editing is that it is not possible for two authors to edit the same topic simultaneously. When one author is editing a topic, a second author accessing the topic can view it but not edit it. A message will be displayed saying that the topic is read-only because it is in use.

Multi-user editing works directly "out of the box". You do not need to do any server configuration. There are no special settings and you don't need a database or additional external software, either locally or on the server. You just need to store your project in uncompressed XML (.hmxp) format on a drive that all your authors can access and start editing.


prod_tip       Productivity Tip

Refresh your project regularly! While collaborating on the same project  always click on Refresh Project in the Project menu whenever you switch to a new topic to make sure that you see the current version of the Table of Contents and Project Files.