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Tutorial Projects and Templates

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In addition to the Quick Start Tutorials included in this help file, Help+Manual also comes with a number of other useful tutorials and templates. All the tutorials are stored in Help+Manual HMXZ project files that you can publish and edit yourself, so that you can experiment with the procedures described directly.

This chapter provides brief descriptions of the subjects covered in these tutorials and information on where you can find them.

An introduction to using featured images and descriptions for title pages.

An introduction to inserting videos and interactive online media in your projects.

A tutorial project explaining and demonstrating the use of multiple TOCs.

A tutorial on how to use conditional output

A tutorial on how to work with modular help systems, including instructions for using A-Links to link between modules

The entire source code of Help+Manual's own help

Tutorials showing you how to create your own non-scrolling headers, navigation buttons with mouseover effects, print links and buttons, CSS styles for hyperlinks, CSS styles for the TOC in WebHelp, background images in the TOC and topics and more (HTML5 & CSS)

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