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Keywords and Indexes

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Every help file or manual needs a keyword index and Help+Manual makes creating and maintaining a good index much easier than ever before. You can add index keywords to each topic in the Topic Options tab on the left of the main editor window. In addition to this you can also add keywords to anchors for even more granular index references.

If you have the Professional or Floating license version of Help+Manual you can use the Index Tool to view and edit the finished index while you work. It enables you to work in the entire index directly as well as entering keywords for individual topics.

Since you can see the results immediately it is very easy to avoid multiple entries that are only slightly different from one another. In addition to this you can produce a much better index because you can refer to the finished index while adding new entries, and you can also navigate directly to the topics associated with index entries by clicking on the entries in the Index Tool.


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