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Videos and Online Media

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Help+Manual takes the manual labor out of adding videos and online media like Prezi™ presentations to your help projects. You just click where you want to insert your movie and select the video file. Help+Manual handles everything else for you, including choosing and inserting the correct code for integrating the media files in the various output formats.

tipbulbAdding Video Files

Inserting videos

Support in output formats

Tutorial project for online video and media

We have produced a detailed tutorial project explaining and demonstrating how to insert various kinds of online video and media. You can find it in the My HelpAndManual Projects\Examples folder in your Documents director. It is also accessible directly in the Welcome screen that you can access at the top of the Project Explorer on the left.

Information on local video file formats

Please see About using video files for important information on using different video formats in your projects and support for video in the various publishing formats!


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