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If you are familiar with other help authoring tools you may expect that you need to decide what publishing format you are going to use when you create your project. This is not necessary in Help+Manual. You can always publish your project to any of the supported formats at any time. To change your publishing format you just need to select Publish and choose a different output format.

Available publishing formats

You can generate a total of eight different output formats (ten including printed manuals), each of which has its advantages and disadvantages for specific purposes. You can generate multiple formats from the same project, for example HTML Help for your online help and PDF for your printable manual.

Supported publishing formats in Help+Manual:

HTML Help (.chm)

WebHelp (HTML, for display in normal web browsers)

Adobe PDF (.pdf)

Word DOCX (.docx)

ePUB eBooks (.epub) for Apple iOS devices and all other ePUB readers

Amazon Mobi for Kindle eBooks (.mob)

Windows eWriter Help (proprietary .ewriter file with a standalone eViewer or .exe with integrated viewer)

Visual Studio 2002-2008 Help (.hxs, for Visual Studio .NET 2002-2008 components only)

Visual Studio 2010 Help (.mshc, for Visual Studio 2010 .NET components only)

For details on these help formats and their individual features and uses see Help Formats in the Reference section.

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