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Managing the TOC & Topic Files

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The Table of Contents (TOC) and Project Files sections in the Project Explorer are much more than just a place to display the contents of your project. They are also a powerful editing tool for manipulating the structure of your project. In the TOC section you can move topics around to change the structure and organization of your project whenever you want.

These sections are also where you will normally create new topics. You create topics in the Table of Contents section to include them in your project's TOC. In addition to this, you can also create topics that are not included in the TOC by creating new topic files directly in the Project Files section.

Once you have added topics to the TOC you can manipulate them in many ways. You can move them around, change their names, status and icons, cut and paste them (also between projects) and demote or promote them to change their positions and status in the TOC tree hierarchy.

All these operations can be performed in seconds with the mouse and/or simple keyboard and menu commands.