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Re-using content with snippets

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The Snippet tool in Write > Insert Object enables you to insert the contents of another topic, a Help+Manual XML file or PDF pages at the cursor position.

You can insert topics and files from the current project, from other Help+Manual projects (there are some restrictions in the Basic version of H+M) and directly from Help+Manual XML files. This means that you can build up a library of reusable content that you can access very easily.

You can insert topic and XML snippets in two different modes: Copy and Link. Copy mode is like normal Copy & Paste. It pastes the contents of the topic or file at the cursor position and you can then edit it. Link mode creates a live link to the snippet file. To edit the snippet you must then edit the original topic or file, but then it updates automatically in all the places where you have inserted it, even if you are using it in multiple projects.


prod_tip       Productivity Tip

If you send your project for translation remember to include any linked external snippet files you have referenced, otherwise the translator won't see them!

Snippet storage locations

Rather than using snippets from many locations it is better to store all your snippet files in a common location, for example in a folder inside your project folder. Then add this folder to your project search path. This will make them easier to manage, particularly if you ever need to move your project or have it translated. Alternatively, you can also store them in a Style Repository or their own project. See further below for details on this.

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