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In addition to simple user-defined counters, Help+Manual also supports specialized figure and table counters and an additional related user counter. These allow you to create numbered tables of figures and tables in your projects and to include cross-references to the individual figures and tables.

Important: The old figure and table counter variables are deprecated!

The <%HMFIGURECOUNTER%> and <%HMTABLECOUNTER%> variables introduced in Help+Manual 7 will still work, but they are deprecated and no longer documented. If you have used them in your projects you don't need to replace them immediately. However, support for them will be removed in the future, so in the long run you should replace them with the new counter variables described below. Also, any new counters you add should use the new variables.

The old variables don't support tables of figures and tables

Note that the old variables won't be used in the new tables of figures and tables. You need to update to the new variables for that.

No automatic conversion

Unfortunately, it was not possible to include automatic conversion for the old figure and table counters. The differences are simply too large. To update existing counters you need to delete the old ones and create the new ones as described below.