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A fresh new approach to Web-presentations

HelpXplain is a graphics editor and animated infographics tool with a difference. If you want, you can just use it to edit and enhance individual images. Using HelpXplain just to edit images would almost be a waste, however. It's real strength is its ability to easily create HowTo screencasts, animated infographics, slideshows and web sliders.

The way HelpXplain creates HowTo screencasts is nothing short of revolutionary. It eliminates the time-consuming stress of video screencasts with a fast, fully-editable alternative.

It just takes a couple of minutes to understand the basic principles. Then you will be editing images and creating advanced Xplains like a pro in no time.

Machine and XML translation support: HelpXplain integrates advanced, AI-based DeepL machine translation that can automatically translate the texts in your presentations between English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Polish! In addition to this it can export and import XML translation files in the industy standard XLIFF format that can be processed directly by all XLIFF-compatible translation tools. See Translation Support for full details.