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How do you integrate help files into your application?

That's a frequently asked question in the user forum and in direct support.

The answer is: it depends on the application development tool.

We have put together several tutorials for help file integration with different application development tools on this page. Please choose your language:

Delphi / RAD Studio

Integrating eWriter help with Delphi / RAD Studio

This is an implementation of the eWriter help format as a replacement for HTML Help (.chm) files in Delphi applications.

EWriter eBooks are the modern alternative to the obsolete CHM format for local application help. They offer full support for context-sensitive help and file links. They combine the benefits of CHM and WebHelp and eliminate the disadvantages of both.

The package includes the unit Vcl.EwriterHelpViewer.pas which implements support for the eWriter help format in Delphi's help system. Applications currently using CHM files for application help can switch to eWriter help with basically no changes. The distributable eWriter viewer is included.


© EC Software GmbH

Document link:

eWriter Help System for Delphi / RAD Studio



Visual Studio

Integrating HTML Help with Visual Studio applications (.NET / WPF)

There are several articles from Rob Chandler, Jaison John and on the Microsoft forums that explain how to connect a CHM file to a .net application.


© Jaison John

Web link:

Integrate Help Into Your .NET Apps


© Rob Chandler,

Web link:

.NET Application Help


© Microsoft

Web link:

The HelpProvider Class in the .NET Framework

F1 help in WPF applications
Walkthrough: Hosting a Windows Forms Control in WPF



Visual Basic

Integrating online help with Visual Basic (VB6 / VB .NET / VBA)

One of the best resources for Visual Basic and online help is Ulrich Kulles The site is available in English and German and covers many aspects of HTML Help and VB, from VB6 to VB .NET to Visual Basic for Applications.


© Ulrich Kulle,

Document link:

Help for controls with VB .NET

Online help and VBA

HTMLHelp API for VBA, VB6 and VB2003




Connecting WinHelp/HTML Help to VB and C++

The two tutorials explain how to implement Winhelp resp. HTML Help into Visual Basic and C++ programs.


© Don Lammers, Shadow Mountain Tech


[VBHTMLHelp.pdf] Connecting HTMLHelp to Visual Basic Programs
59 kb PDF file

[CPPHTMLHelp.pdf.pdf] Connecting HTML Help to C++/MFC Programs
76 kb PDF file

Shadow Mountain Tech web site:



Microsoft Access

Using HTML Help with Microsoft Access

Using Microsoft HTML Help with Access databases has turned out to be a bit trickier than originally imagined. Dave Liske put together a paper on the subject.


© Dave Liske, Help Technology Centre


[hhaccess.pdf] Using HTML Help with Microsoft Access
76 kb PDF file

Article page link:



Visual Objects

Connecting WinHelp/HTML Help to Visual Objects

A guide how to integrate Winhelp and HTML Help into a Visual Objects application. Sample help file is included.


© Phil McGuinness, Sherlock Software


[] 334 kb ZIP archive

Sherlock Software web site:




Context sensitive help with Clarion

EasyHelper is a (shareware) tool implementing a class and templates, allowing you to add a context help into a Clarion application. Supports Winhelp and HTML Help, licensed version costs $99.


© Ingasoftplus,

Document Link:

EasyHelper web site




Implement HTML Help within APL

How to show HTML Help from your APL application.


© APL Team Ltd,

Document Link:

Programming tutorial



Visual FoxPro

Implement HTML Help within FoxPro v3 or v5

This is the Microsoft knowledgebase article Q185498 with an additional help file example for Help & Manual.


© Microsoft,


[] 276 kb ZIP archive

Article link:;EN-US;Q185498




HTML Help with Xojo (former REALbasic) for Windows

This tutorial shows step-by-step how easy it is to use compiled HTML Help files with Xojo. The download file includes the compiled application plus source code.


© 2004 EC Software


[] 1.06 mb ZIP archive




Help with Visual XBase++

Comprehensive tutorial with compiled EXE demo for XBase++ showing field level help (F1 help) and general application online help with CHM files.


© Peter Alderliesten, Solvention bv,


[] 3 mb ZIP archive