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Using HelpXplain

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This chapter is the best way to get acquainted with HelpXplain, understand how it works and learn what you can do with it. If you follow the instructions for the exercises here first the descriptions in the other chapters that follow will already make a lot more sense.

The Using HelpXplain chapter covers the infographics and other output you can create automatically with HelpXplain's wizards and static image editing features. Once you have learned the basics with these, you can move on to the more advanced chapters. For example, in Editing Animated Xplains you can learn how to build your own animated infographics from scratch.

Are you a developer?

HelpXplain makes everything it does available for developers to manipulate. If you want to get more control over your Xplains and force them to do your bidding, check out the HelpXplain for Developers chapter.