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Help+Manual is a full featured documentation tool that is as easy to use as a word processor, yet much more powerful: it gives you the power of a true WYSIWYG XML editor and puts all the tools that you need at your fingertips.

This is combined with powerful features for generating and editing help and documentation files, including full support for multimedia and complex modular projects.


One Source, Multi-Channel Output

Whether you publish documentation for desktop or mobile, iOS or Android, Windows help or PDF user manuals, it is always a breeze with Help+Manual!

But single source is much more than just outputting the same information to different formats. Mark content with conditional tags to create different outputs for each publishing channel – no post-processing is required.

Help+Manual handles the complexities of documentation generation for you. Power users, however, can get under the hood and manipulate topic and layout templates and more. Help+Manual gives you the best of both worlds.


Left RoboHelp and AuthorIt in the dustbin to give Help+Manual a try. I think it may just have saved my sanity. What a great program! It anticipates a help designer's every wish and delivers it in a sleek easy-to-use program. Bravo! Love it!

Karin Rex, owner Geeky Girl, LLC



Customer Success Stories

DevExpress develops software components and IDE tools for Visual Studio and Delphi/C++Builder. Philabundance is Delaware Valley's largest hunger relief organization. SERVICE&MORE is a service provider to medium-sized interior design consultancies. CyBio AG uses Adobe FrameMaker for its technical documentation and Help+Manual on the software development side.


Power Features for Power Users

Help+Manual is much more than a help authoring and documentation software, it is a full suite of tools. Everything you need is right where you need it.

  • Teamwork and multi-user editing? Check!
  • Integrated Version Control? Check!
  • Translation management? Check!
  • Image tools and project management? Double Check!


Import Content from Word, HTML, Winhelp and Other Formats

Migrate your legacy content from Microsoft® Word, Adobe® RoboHelp®, Author-It®, HTML and Winhelp with precise control. Plus, Help+Manual can import, build and update source code documentation from Visual Studio.


Microsoft® Word

Transform legacy Word documents into responsive Webhelp, HTML Help or eBooks. The import wizard offers detailed control how the Word structures are split.

HTML Files

The HTML import tool reads almost every HTML file and complete folders, building a table of contents of the source folder structure.

Windows HTML Help (.chm)

Import compiled CHM files including formatted HTML pages, images, keywords structures, table of contents, help context numbers and associative keywords.

Winhelp Sources (.hpj)

Convert an old Winhelp project file to standard HTML Help. Text formatting, images, keywords, table of contents and help context numbers are perfectly converted.

Compiled Winhelp (.hlp)

If the Winhelp source files are no longer available, Help+Manual will read and import compiled HLP files as well.

Adobe® RoboHelp®

Transform RoboHelp® projects into a modern and sophisticated help system.


Import Author-It® XML sources including text, structure, images, styles, text conditions, keywords and help context mappings. Your Author-It® version needs to be able to output XML for this task.

Visual Studio Source Documentation

Build a help skeleton from your Visual Studio source code and extract code comments and internal documentation. Complete the source code documentation with Help+Manual and publish all formats that Help+Manual supports.

The help project built from VS sources can be updated later on, when unit structures, functions and objects have changed.


Capture Still Images and Animated Screencasts

Create step-by-step instructions, interactive e-learning tutorials and slideshows with the advanced screen capture and screencasting tool included in Help+Manual. With HelpXplain as the perfect companion you can enrich static images and organically embed interactive presentations.

HelpXplain slideshows are 100% HTML5 and Javascript and organically integrate into your documentation, including Webhelp, CHM files, eBooks and PDF manuals.



Plugins extend the functionality of Help+Manual

Help+Manual's plugin system is designed to allow 3rd party software companies to add their own plugins, like the HTML-based plugin system in Microsoft® Word. Right now, there are two plugins readly available and shipped with all Professional and Floating licenses.


Machine Translation with DeepL®

We are not kidding. You get DeepL®, the best machine translation system that is available today.

Compared to other systems, it actually produces results that are usable with only a small amount of human editing.

Use the DeepL® plugin to translate snippets, TOC structures, selected text or entire topics at one mouse click from and to nine languages.


PDF Peer Review

You create the PDF with Help+Manual, including your own comments, and distribute it to your colleagues for additional comments, which they add with their own PDF commenting tool.

When they return the commented PDF to you, you open it with the plugin in Help+Manual and it shows you all the comments side by side with the topic selected in Help+Manual.


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