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Inserting / Adding To Screencasts

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HelpXplain's screencast feature is already unique in that it allows you to preview, edit and correct changes while you are making a screencast. This is something that is impossible with video screen recording, which forces you to get everything right. But that is not all: With HelpXplain you can also continue a screencast seamlessly later, or even insert additional steps in the middle of an existing screencast, also seamlessly.

We shouldn't need to stress how difficult/impossible this would be with a video screencast. And in addition to making it possible, HelpXplain also has tools to ensure that the window you capture for your additions has exactly the same dimensions as the rest of the screencast.


flag_green        Key Information

When adding to screencasts always use the same monitor/screen resolution with which the screencast was made. Otherwise it will be difficult to match up the dimensions.

How to add steps to an existing screencast

1.First set up the window of the program you want to capture on your computer screen. The dimensions only need to be roughly correct. HelpXplain will help you to get it exactly right in the next steps.

2.Open your screencast Xplain, select the slide after which you want to add the additional slides and then select Screencast in the Picture tool menu:


3.Then a dialog will be displayed to help you match the size of the capture frame to the original screencast:


4.Then just position the capture frame over your program window and use the CastIconFitToFrame Fit window to capture frame tool at the top of the screen to snap your program window to the presized capture frame.

After this just proceed in the same way as for making a normal screencast. When you finish the new slides will be inserted after the existing slides in your current Xplain project.